About L'affaire

Every fabric speaks for itself, and each product has its story to tell. Since 1980, L’affaire has been narrating beautiful stories with intricate embroidery, graceful handloom, and bewitching artwork. Under the nurturing guidance and inspiration of Paulji (Satya Paul), L’affaire began an incredible journey full of textiles, looms, threads, prints, and ink. Every single creation crafted with attention and love.

L'affaire fashions an outstanding range of stoles, scarves and sarees, varrying from a range of our various collections that take us back to our roots. In the past three decades, L’affaire changed the way people look at fabric, with innovative designs and mastery over colour palettes. People have admired the intricacy, created traditionally and combined with today’s trends and patterns. It has been acclaimed for the blend of brilliance in every inch of fabric and is lauded worldwide for its exquisite orchestration.

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